Leaving a lighter footprint on our planet


ITZY believes in walking in harmony with nature, meaning our shoes are made with sustainable materials that are thoughtfully chosen to create the comfiest, most stable shoes in the universe. Discover the magic behind Moon Soles.


Our uppers have a dual purpose- they need to look good and feel even better. Made from a water based PU and recycled microfiber, ITZY uppers are super soft and durable.

Toe post

We love traditional mules but hate the way our feet slide around inside of them. ITZY’s patented Moon Sole with a cotton toe post will keep your feet stable and secure inside the shoe, meaning you stay comfortable no matter what the day throws at you.

Footbed & Sole

At ITZY, comfort is king! Our footbed and soles are non-slip, extra cushy and made of our earth-friendly recycled Sugarcane EVA to make each step extra sweet.


There’s nothing worse than discovering a shoe you love and finding it doesn’t quite fit. We designed ITZY Moon Soles to be a little wider than the average slide at the ball of the foot to guarantee great fit and supreme comfort.


Constructed from recycled microfiber, the lining of our Moon Soles will keep your feet safe and snug. A little hug from us to you.


We want our shoes to work hard for you, so we worked hard to make sure they will stand the test of time. Our Moon Soles are both cemented and hand stitched, giving you peace of mind that your new favorite shoes will stand the test of time.

Our mission isn't just towards sustainability and super-comfy footwear. We’re also dedicated to ethical production practices. The people who make ITZY shoes work in great conditions and are paid fair wages.