It all began with a dream and a designer

Our Story

Our founders have been dreaming about active comfort (and style!) in a shoe for years. ITZY is the culmination of that dream, brought to you now with thoughtful intention.



an extremely ambitious and innovative project.

Feel-Good Footwear

ITZY Moon Soles are the product of a team of skilled designers, a passion for sustainability and a mission to create change in the fashion industry. Moon soles are a patented slide made for comfort and functionality: soft and durable with sustainable materials.

Our mission is to be the first patented slide built on a flip-flop platform with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We like to call it the non-slip flip-flop slide (but Moon Sole rolls off the tongue a little easier).

Our Design

Here at Itzy, it’s all about active comfort. Moon Soles will take you wherever you need to go while keeping your feet happy. Moon Soles are made from sugarcane EVA foam, topped with uppers made from recycled microfibers and finished with a unique cotton toe post. We couldn’t decide if the most important thing was comfort, sustainability or great style - so we decided to do it all!