Embracing New Beginnings with Moon Soles and the Full Moon

Embracing New Beginnings with Moon Soles and the Full Moon

August 01, 2023

The night sky has always held a mysterious allure, captivating our imagination with its twinkling stars and glowing celestial bodies. Mesmerizing us and inspiring us. Among these celestial wonders, the full moon stands out as a symbol of new beginnings, transformation, and renewal. Throughout time and across all cultures, the full moon has been associated with a myriad of beliefs and rituals, all centered around the idea of harnessing its powerful energy to start anew. 

As the Earth's only natural satellite, the moon has a profound influence on our planet. Its gravitational pull affects tides, and its cycles have long been believed to impact human behavior and emotions. The full moon, which occurs approximately once a month when the moon is fully illuminated, is often considered the most powerful time for setting intentions and initiating fresh starts. 

What does a new beginning mean to you? Some would say each day is a new day that brings hope, while others measure it by marking events or changes in their lives. Whatever new beginnings mean to you "ITZY" is a new beginning for the power of intention for responsible fashion while harnessing the power of the moon. To us it means the start of a new shoe hitting the market in an ultra sustainable way. The new beginning of a dream from years ago that was manifested and perfected by a team of brilliant and powerful people with a common goal in mind. 

The concept of embracing these new beginnings with the full moon perspective is deeply rooted in various spiritual and cultural traditions. Here are a few insights on how the full moon has inspired people throughout our history: 

  1. Setting Intentions:One common practice associated with the full moon  is setting intentions. As the moon's energy reaches its peak, many believe it's the perfect time to focus on personal goals and aspirations. People often write down their intentions, goals, or wishes and release them under the full moon's light, symbolizing their commitment to change and growth. At ITZY we set our shoes into the full moon light to empower all those who believe and who will wear a pair of moon soles.
  2. Releasing Negativity: The full moon is also seen as an opportunity to let go of the past, shedding the weight of negative emotions, experiences, and old habits. Rituals like burning a list of things you wish to release under the full moon's glow can be a cathartic and transformative experience. 
  1. Lunar Meditation: Meditating during the full moon is believed to enhance one's connection to their inner self and the universe. It's a time to reflect, find clarity, and set intentions for the month ahead. The moon's radiant energy is thought to amplify the power of meditation and self-discovery. 
  1. Full Moon Ceremonies: In various cultures, full moon ceremonies are held to honor the moon's influence. These ceremonies often involve music, dance, and rituals designed to harness the moon's energy and bring about change in participants' lives. 
  1. Connecting with Nature: The full moon offers a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with nature. Many people take midnight hikes, camp under the open sky, or simply spend time outdoors, basking in the moonlight and appreciating the world around them. At ITZY we are not asking you to go hiking in a pair of moon soles, but if you are down for so are we. 

The beauty of embracing new beginnings with the full moon is that it is not bound by any specific religion or tradition. It is a practice that transcends cultural and geographic boundaries, drawing people together through their shared connection to the cosmos. At ITZY we love the thought of transcending emotional boundaries to unite people. 

In addition to its spiritual and emotional significance, there is also scientific merit to the idea of the moon influencing our lives. While the moon's effects on human behavior remain a subject of debate, there is no denying its impact on Earth's natural processes, from tides to plant growth. 

So, as you gaze up at the full moon, take a moment to reflect on what new beginnings mean to you. It may be a fresh start in your career, a rekindled relationship, or a personal commitment to self-improvement. With each full moon that graces the night sky, you have the opportunity to renew your intentions and chart a path towards a brighter future. We hope and encourage you to find your true self in the exploration of your space. Love yourself to the moon and back. 

In closing, the full moon serves as a universal symbol of hope, change, and new beginnings. Its influence on our history and culture is profound, and its potential to inspire us to make positive changes in our lives is limitless. Whether through rituals or personal reflection, the full moon invites us to embrace new beginnings, releasing the past and setting our sights on a brighter future. So, at ITZY our new beginning is hitting the streets with our new brand. Moon soles have already walked the beaches of Costa Rica to the streets of uptown Dallas, Tx. So, the next time you witness the full moon's brilliance and see a pair of ITZY moon soles, let it remind you that with each lunar cycle, the opportunity for transformation and renewal of yourself is never more than an intentional thought away. 


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